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Bright Spots For Economic Growth

Bright Spots For Economic Growth

In the couple of weeks since we launched Supply Chain Spark and Procurement Spark, the support and encouragement from the supply chain community have been encouraging. Since interest in all things supply chain remains high, it’s definitely carrying over to demand for new job opportunities.

The growth in the manufacturing sector as witnessed by ISM’s PMI numbers for July certainly helped boost hiring sentiment too. The supply chain roles are wide and varied and cover everything from logistics to distribution to plant management, and more. It’s also noteworthy that these opportunities aren’t restricted to only a few geographic regions. 

After the harsh Q2 GDP report from last week, the PMI numbers were a breath of fresh air. They exceeded consensus estimates and expanded to 54.2. Anything over 50 is positive. So when we look at June and now July, that’s 2 months of expansion - amidst a pandemic. Great to see that demand has improved dramatically and that new orders, production and even backlog is all going up. 

With consumption also growing strongly month over month, it bodes well for what may be a nascent recovery. But we’ll still take it! Also noteworthy that factories have begun to successfully accommodate social distancing, albeit at reduced output rates. In feedback, most supply chain executives were focused on shoring up demand and not so much on how to deal with Covid issues when it came to their company operations. 

Similar to the past few months, food and beverage companies were the top performers. Followed by chemical, computer, and refinery operations. Also positive commentary on continued focus on new hiring expected in the coming months in anticipation of demand growth. 

Please continue to visit and give us feedback on the roles you’re seeing. This is a community for our practitioners and our goal is to facilitate talent and opportunities. We will be working hard to scale up our job board with fresh new positions so tell your friends and colleagues to sign up.


Aaron and Naseem