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Supply Chain Spark START

We've all had bad bosses.

I worked hard at that supply chain job. Arrived earlier than the team, questioned everything, followed my curiosity wherever there was an opportunity to get involved. I loved the job, the people, the work. And I did my job well.

One day I finished a project and decided to leave earlier than the team. I was triumphantly exhausted, and it was a good time to take a breath.

The next morning my boss called me into his office. The C-Suite executive over our function made the rounds at 5pm and saw that I wasn't at my desk. Unacceptable, he said, and I needed to "work the right hours" that he expected.

I took my tongue-lashing, offered a few incredulous retorts, and decided that I would look for a new job, somewhere that cared about the impact I would make and where my efforts would be valued. And I left.

Perhaps you're a supply chain pro who is curious about what jobs are available. Maybe you're looking to hire the next generation of supply chain talent as an HR leader or recruiter. Or maybe you need to find quick talent for your team without the corporate red tape. Regardless of your circumstance, you haven't been able to find a career platform or job board that focused entirely on supply chain professionals...until now.

This is the place for you.

This platform was built by a couple of supply chain, procurement, and executive recruiting veterans who wanted to find a better way. We knew that there were engaged and curious job seekers who wanted to easily browse relevant jobs at a site that cares about supply chain. We also knew how frustrating it can be for overworked hiring managers and HR teams to post and pray that other job boards will provide the perfect candidates for their job openings...without sorting through hundreds of unqualified applicants.

We are building the best supply chain job board, career portal, and supply chain community.

Companies seeking supply chain talent will know that this is the place to seek out the best. Sure, there are plenty of other tools they can use, but none that boasts the talent pool and expertise they will find at Supply Chain Spark. Beyond internal talent acquisition or recruiting agencies or horizontal marketplaces, we collectively need a place just like this.

Welcome home.