We are recklessly committed to fun, blah, blah, blah, sunglasses. We started goodr because we think working out is fun and your gear should be too. At our core, we’re all about creating fun, fashionable, and functional sunglasses that everyone can afford. We’re athletes and saw a problem that needed to be solved. When we looked at the sunglasses category, we found it was full of overpriced, ugly product. Our goal was to create the best pair of fitness sunglasses for under $40 and we did it! Our OG Running Sunglasses were Runner’s World Magazine’s Gear of the Year and Men’s Journal Gear of the Year! Our BFG Sunglasses will be taking home the prize for Runner's World Magazine's Gear of the Year 2018 and our newest release, Runway goodrs, will most likely win the award for the Best Pair of Sunglasses In the History of Mankind someday.