iHerb, LLC
Who we are: Since 1996, the foundation and mission of iHerb has been built on providing a wide selection of health and wellness products to individuals around the globe at a reasonable cost. iHerb remains vigilant in its pursuit to ensure it maintains an expansive selection of over 30,000 online products to its customers. We are continuously innovating and expanding, committed to adding distribution centers around the world. Our vision is to be the dominant health and wellness brand globally and to provide the best value for natural products, delivered with the most convenient experience. Our Mission: At iHerb we strive for innovation, targeted at delivering the most customer-centric commitment while transforming the online shopping experience. We constantly evolve and we define ourselves in the idea that individually we are incredible but united our growth is infinite. In a technologically progressive industry, iHerb strives to dominate a global market and the individual and collaborative efforts of our team members are paramount to the overall success.