BIC ® products are known and appreciated all over the world for their quality, affordability and ease of use. The ballpoint pen, the pocket lighter and the one-piece shaver are all part of the daily lives of millions of consumers. These products make BIC ® one of the best known international brands, present in almost four million points of sale in more than 160 countries. In 2016, BIC recorded net sales of 2,025.8 million euros. Each day, throughout the world, consumers choose to buy 31million BIC ® products. A few examples of the quality and endurance of BIC ® products : –¢ Every BIC ® Cristal ® pen provides a write out of over 2 km long, providing a high-quality writing performance that is consistent from the beginning of the product’s use to its end. –¢ Every BIC ® maxi lighter produces 3,000 flames, identical from first to last. –¢ Every BIC ® Flex 3 shaver delivers up to 10 shaves that are as close and comfortable from the first shave as to the last.