Vital Farms
Vital Farms brings ethically produced food to the table - in the form of pasture-raised eggs and butter, available nationwide. We work with over 100 small family farmers in the "pasture belt"”‹ to produce our pasture-raised eggs. Each of our girls enjoys at least 108 sq. ft. of rotated pasture, and they're free to forage outdoors year round, which results in highly nutritious and delicious eggs! The contented cows that create milk for our pasture-raised butter are free to graze on pastures year-round! Their milk is slow churned in small batches to create high 85% butterfat grass-fed butter - the creamiest butter on the shelf! Vital Farms was founded on the principles of Conscious Capitalism and we operate a Stakeholder Model, considering the impact on each stakeholder to drive our business. In 2016 we were recognized as a Certified B-Corp.