Brown-Forman is an independent, publicly-traded (BF-A, BF-B) producer and marketer of some of the most well-known wines and spirits brands in the world. Our combined wines and spirits portfolio is made up of more than 30 brands, including nine that exceed one million cases per year. One of the largest American-owned spirits and wine companies and among the top 10 largest global spirits companies, we sell our brands in more than 160 countries. Located in Louisville, KY, Brown-Forman employs approximately 4,600 people of 45 different nationalities worldwide, with offices and production facilities across the globe. At Brown-Forman, we believe that individual brand strength and brand equity, based on meaningful differentiation and built by passionate people, are the keys to ongoing growth and profitability. Brown-Forman believes in being responsible in all aspects of our business. Success in today