Quiet Logistics
We’re a forward-thinking, tech-centric logistics partner unlike any in the industry. Our people, our revolutionary systems, and our innovative fulfillment robots dramatically increase warehouse productivity. INNOVATION: One of the largest 3PF users of autonomous robots improving pick accuracy, speed and efficiency. PERFORMANCE: 99.997% Accuracy + unrivaled processing speed. PERSONAL TOUCH: Value Added Services enhance the customer experience (handwritten notes, tissue & stickers, refurbishing and more). PARTNERSHIPS: Experience with needs of startup phase, rapid growth brands. Knowledge share of DTC and cross-channel best practices and growth initiatives. SUSTAINABILITY: Mindfulness toward recycling, repurposing and sustainability of facilities. SAME DAY, NEXT DAY AND REACH: Currently in Boston, Chicago, St Louis and LA. Expanding to Dallas, NYC + more. Our urban network allows us to get to customers same day and next day quickly and cost-effectively.