Taylor Corporation
Taylor provides a diverse set of products, services and technologies to power the potential of the world’s leading brands. Using the latest printed and digital methods, we facilitate marketing communications of all types for businesses and consumers across a wide range of industries. You’ll see our solutions in your mailbox, your email inbox, in retail settings and on your mobile device. Driven by Glen Taylor’s unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, Taylor Corporation has grown from a single small business in 1975 to one of the nation’s largest privately held companies today. What started as a humble printer of wedding invitations and business cards is now a highly diversified leader in the field of business communications. However, while Taylor's capabilities have changed dramatically in the last 45 years, our core purpose remains the same ”• to create opportunity and security for our employees. Taylor also continuously invests in technologies and production methods that enable us to shrink our environmental footprint. This commitment shows in the way we divert tons of waste to energy production, source responsibly harvested forest products and work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions year over year. The result is a culture of sustainability that guides our decision making and ensures that we take the long-term view in everything we do.