Camuto Group
The Camuto Group An industry leader for the design, development and distribution of women's fashion footwear, the Camuto Group is renowned for its long-proven ability to build prominent women's lifestyle brands on a global scale. At the core of the Camuto Group's mission are three definitive hallmarks: superior quality of product, unsurpassed value, and consistency of branding. This mission is inspired by the Camuto Group's founder and CEO, Vince Camuto, whose passion for product and industry-revered reputation drive every aspect of his business. Over the past 30 years Vince Camuto has developed an unmatched understanding of the female consumer, which has allowed him to not only design popular products but also apply effective brand messaging to ensure widespread success. Since 2001 the Camuto Group has maintained this tradition, offering women exceptional products at a surprising value without compromising high standards of quality and craftsmanship. The Camuto Group delivers value to not only the consumer but also partnering retail, production, and parent companies enabling fiscal success and long-term brand sustainability. Given its vast corporate resources and long-standing industry relationships, the Camuto Group is able to engage in all manner of licensing partnerships, throughout all tiers of the industry, and across a wide spectrum of price points. The flagship of the Camuto Group is Vince Camuto's namesake line, which embodies his passion, talent and innovative aesthetic.