Serenity Kids
We know that mealtime can be a mess. When most of the food ends up on the baby (or on you) rather than in its mouth, it’s important that what does make it into your baby is as packed with nutrition as possible! Serenity Kids is the first perfectly convenient, pouch-delivered baby food offering the naturally balanced ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates babies over six-months-old need to thrive. These ratios are reflected in breast milk and rebuilt here with grass-fed and pastured meats, organic vegetables and healthy fats. Not only is our food easy to digest, but it offers balanced macronutrient ratios that single-food pouches leave out. Our baby food is high in fat, low in sugar and an ideal first food for babies over six months. Our careful combinations of premium, humanely raised meats and organic veggies are free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, gluten, fillers, grain, dairy, corn, allergens, eggs and nuts. Plus, our squeeze packets are easy for you (or your baby!) to tote around in a diaper bag, purse or car. They are completely shelf-stable and good for a year after purchase. Our baby food is filling a void not just in our community, but across the country. Find us in your local grocery store today! #everybitecounts