NCH Corporation
Cleaning water, conserving energy and delivering maintenance solutions since 1919. We clean and conserve water, save energy, and deliver best-in-class maintenance solutions, with a focus on industrial and commercial businesses. NCH has over 7,500 employees, with branch offices and manufacturing plants located on six continents. We distribute to more than 50 countries with an extensive and varied product line, and our outlook for growth in the market remains strong. Leadership of the company remains in the hands of the Levy family, descendants of the founding father, Milton P. Levy, Senior. NCH sells to industrial, commercial, institutional and retail customers. We focus on product areas including: - Industrial cleaning and maintenance - Water treatment and remediation - Plumbing - Specialty Industrial Supplies Subsidiaries in NCH's Chemical divisions produce wastewater treatment products, drain cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, grounds care, fuel and water treatment programs and a variety of other biological solutions for industrial and commercial applications. The Plumbing Products Group provides supplies for the DIY consumer and the OEM market. NCH's strengths are the diversity and quality of our products and the organization of direct sales representatives. We choose acquisitions carefully and invest wisely in manufacturing and research facilities, a crucial commitment given to the competition in the industrial supply business. To date, we are the strongest and largest leading private global provider of industrial maintenance solutions in the world. Career Page: Website: