Ferrara Candy Company
Ferrara, a company related to The Ferrero Group, is an emerging powerhouse in the North American confections and sweet snacking categories. A passionate team of nearly 6,000 employees works together to share delight in every bite through leading brands that have shaped the industry for more than 100 years. Our diverse portfolio of nearly 35 brands includes SweeTARTS ®, Trolli ®, Brach’s ®, Black Forest ® and NERDS ®, along with iconic favorites like Lemonhead ®, Red Hots ® and Now and Later ®. Ferrara also manages the Keebler ® and Famous Amos ® businesses for The Ferrero Group. Headquartered in Chicago, Ferrara has an operational network of 20 locations in North America that includes manufacturing, distribution and R&D facilities.