Headquartered in New York City and founded in 2016 by Italian serial entrepreneur Salvatore Palella, Helbiz is an intra-urban transportation company with a mission to solve the first- and last-mile transportation problem of high-traffic urban areas. The company has a strategic footprint in growing markets with offices in New York, Milan, Madrid, Belgrade and Singapore, and operational teams around the world. Helbiz’s innovative HelbizGO electric scooter service is already present in eight countries (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Singapore, England, Portugal and Georgia), and was built for the sharing economy. HelbizGO offers users living in urban areas on-demand access to affordable, easy-to-use scooters that are perfect for small trips, and feature on-board connectivity and electric-powered batteries. Helbiz designed this scalable, data-driven micromobility transportation business with a focus on rider safety, the ability to reduce Earth’s carbon footprint, and an approach that works in concert with city leaders regarding regulations and deployment. Through the Helbiz app””which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store””users can geolocate the dockless scooters and unlock them via the QR code on the handlebar. At the end of the ride, users can park their scooters virtually anywhere. Members of the Helbiz team collect the scooters at the end of each day to recharge them, perform maintenance as needed, and reposition them in areas of highest demand. For support please contact: support@helbiz.com For other request: ask@helbiz.com