Leap Companies
We manufacturer cool furniture/casegoods, lead the FF&E logistics for large scale developments, and help match the best companies in varies industries with the most talented people who fit their culture. Furniture/Case Goods, FF&E Logistics, & Recruitment is what we do. About Us: Leap Hospitality has been busy since 2006 sourcing/project managing FFE, and/or providing strategic transitional consulting with developers, hotels, regional restaurant groups, national chain accounts, and suppliers to the hospitality industry. While working on client projects many inquired about Leap’s assistance identifying and recruiting talented people for their executive team and/or unit level operations. Leap’s clients typically wanted the best of the best on their team and wouldn’t settle for anything less. Being opportunistic and wanting to service its client’s needs, Leap Recruit was born several years ago in conjunction with an affiliation with the Global Recruiters Network (GRN). The Leap Recruit service, powered by GRN, has proved to be a incredible value added asset for many clients to continue to build on their existing company culture and brand. Leap is able to offer a competitive advantage over many recruiting firms as our team comes from a diverse background that knows how to utilize traditional and non-traditional recruiting methods to attract even the most passive candidates. With our network and database of prospects we are able to produce results in an accurate and timely manner. At Leap we care about the future of our clients and truly want them to grow and succeed. This is why we have made it our mission to align our strategic goals and values with our clients