Education at Work
At Education at Work, we provide our clients with a unique solution to their customer service needs, while simultaneously creating a full-time talent pipeline for them. We employ college students to staff our centers, working part-time shifts around their classes, to support our clients’ needs. Fulfilling our mission depends on the success of our clients who recognize that energetic, tech-savvy college students are the key to creating a contact center reimagined. Currently, we are working with major U.S. brands within financial services, telecommunications, tech, healthcare, and insurance. Our goal is to find new business opportunities with companies that appeal to our collegiate workforce. The Education at Work model supports our students with wages, the opportunity to earn up to an additional $5,250 per year in tax-free tuition assistance, and the chance to build soft skills that prepare them to enter the full-time job market. Our student model translates to better business results for our clients through stronger customer experience results and the development of a full-time talent-pipeline of students eager to continue working for our clients post-graduation.